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To build the materials for the future, we count on passionate professionals, with disruptive and innovative ways of thinking and a willingness to share and improve. All working on the same goal.

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Reference centre for the development of nanomaterials

Our R&D centre, which specialises in the synthesis of new nanomaterials and their application in the energy and composites markets, is one of the pillars of the company.

Our aim is to become a key driver behind the energy transformation the world needs and to develop smart materials that will set the paradigm for the products of the future.

+30 researchers
+€30M investment
7 products
+20 collaborations agreements
Research and business, hand in hand

Our uniqueness lies in bringing agile methods to the world of R&D to deliver effective solutions that offer the highest business return.

The company teams work on short-cycle MVPs, iterating quickly to adapt to any need and deliver value in the shortest possible time. This is how our lab and business merge through the philosophy of From R&D to cash.

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Innovation is in our DNA

Nanomate has been awarded the "Innovative SME" seal by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain.

This recognition is the result of our passion, our values, the hard work of the entire team, and the support of our collaborators, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and the importance of promoting R&D in Spain and Europe.

Sello PYME Innovadora

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Where R&D and data meet

At Nanomate, we drive our business decisions with data: we use it to set our strategies, guide our research efforts and refine our product development. Data is at the heart of everything we do.

Data allows us to test hypotheses, develop new products and accelerate development through predictive modelling. Without data, it would be impossible to improve existing applications or design new ones.

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Protecting intellectual property

As a company with a strong focus on R&D, we are aware of the importance of the protection our intangible assets.

Everyone at Nanomate is committed to confidentiality and legal protection of our patents, utility models and trade secrets. Only in this way can we focus on creating the best possible products.

Sostenibilidad | Nanomate
Our commitment to create a better world

At Nanomate we are committed to changing the world through technology, with more efficient applications that ensure a greener and more sustainable future.

We firmly believe that technological progress and the respect for nature should go hand-in-hand. In this way, we continue to create value from a sustainable philosophy that addresses the environmental challenges facing our planet.

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