Energy storage

The key lies in our nanomaterials

At Nanomate, we offer a variety of unique and innovative nanomaterial solutions. Our extensive knowledge and experience in dispersion and material characterization allows us to design and develop tailor-made nanomaterials with specific properties that are suitable for multiple applications. Thanks to these advances in nanotechnology and nanoscale materials, lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage devices are expected to become more efficient, compact and affordable, which will contribute significantly to meeting the growing energy demand and promoting a more sustainable future.

Supercapacitator | Nanomate
Operational benefits

- Lithium reduction.
- Optimization of synthesis parameters.
- Cost-effective production in furnaces.

Vehiculo electrico | Nanomate
Product improvements

- Increased electrical conductivity.
- Reduction of impurities.
- Reduction of the synthesis temperature (↓100°C).
- Reduction of synthesis time (↓2h).

Applied versatility

Electric vehicles
Energy storage
Portable electronics & telecommunications
Maritime vehicles