Tailor-made solutions

Soluciones a medida | Nanomate
Characterization and R&D solutions

Our chemical, structural, and morphological characterization services are tailored to meet any need. By analyzing the evolution and degradation of materials, we can better understand their properties and perform quality control. With different levels available, we go from basic characterization to advanced and customized characterization, leading to the final stage: comprehensive analysis and collaborative development of R&D projects.

Operario Pellets Polipropileno | Nanomate
Solutions for thermoplastics

At Nanomate, we have developed nanomaterials that, when added to thermoplastics, not only restore the initial mechanical properties of the virgin thermoplastic, but actually enhance them. We have observed this with recycled polypropylene, achieving an increase in mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Mejoras cartón | Nanomate
Solutions for paper and cardboard

The specific properties of the carbon nanofibers we develop allow us to strengthen the structure of paper and cardboard, improving stiffness, dimensional stability and resistance to deformation under load. In addition, the integration of our nanomaterials can reduce raw material consumption and enhance the intrinsic properties of the starting matrix, even adding new properties.

Supercapacitator | Nanomate
Solutions for energy storage

Thanks to our advances in nanotechnology and custom development of nanoscale materials, we have made lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage devices more efficient, compact and affordable, making a significant contribution to meet the growing demand for energy and promote a more sustainable future.

Mejoras en construcción | Nanomate
Solutions for building materials

To meet the goal of reducing the large amounts of CO2 produced in the construction sector, we have developed carbon nanofibers that, when incorporated into materials such as plaster and cement, help reduce the carbon footprint. By incorporating our nanomaterials into the matrix, we improve mechanical properties and achieve more precise control of setting times.