Our projects

Work starting in Q3 2023
Jobs 250
Units/year 700,000
Location Badajoz
Gigafactoría de Badajoz | Mindcaps
R&D centre

We are committed to innovation and sustainability, and driven by a passion for creating advanced and responsible technology to make the world a better place. This is why one of our projects is to build an R&D centre that will support the research and development of energy storage devices and promote a network of universities and research centres in the Extremadura region (Spain).

Our R&D centre will be dedicated to the research and development of state-of-the-art energy storage devices and to the production of LiFePO4 from LiOH. We believe our nanomaterials are a safe and sustainable option for the energy of the future, and with our team of nanotechnology experts, we will be at the forefront of clean and efficient energy research.

Work starting in Q3 2023
Researchers +250
Patents-Products/year +10
Location Badajoz
Battery | Nanomate
Cathode factory

The Cañaveral cathode factory will be responsible for the process of converting lithium into LiFePO4, an active material essential for the production of batteries for markets as diverse as electric mobility and renewable energy.

The strategic agreement with Lithium Iberia guarantees a long-term supply of raw material from one of the largest lithium mines in Europe, located in Las Navas, Badajoz, Spain. Our nanomaterials, combined with the resulting LiFePO4, significantly improve the performance of the end devices: batteries with higher energy storage capacity.

Work starting in Q1 2025
Jobs 200
T/year of LiOH 3,300 - 50,000
Location Badajoz
Logo Eclosion | Nanomate

This initiative, led by Aqualia, aims to promote safe, efficient and clean energy through the creation of new materials, technologies and processes for the generation, storage and transport of renewable hydrogen and biomethane.