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Investigación y desarrollo | Nanomate
Research and development of nanomaterial-related applications

Nanomate was born with a mission: not only to build the materials for the future, but to lead the transition to a more sustainable planet through nanotechnology.

Thanks to the unique properties of our nanomaterials, we have succeeded in creating materials for the future, enabling the development of more sustainable, safer, and more efficient applications.

Nuestra química | NanoCore

The key lies in our chemistry

At the heart of the company, we treasure —and protect— what makes us unique: our nanomaterials.

We synthesise nanomaterials with unique properties tailored to the needs of each industry through a proprietary manufacturing process.

Increased thermal and electrical conductivity
Higher strength and lightweight
Reduced material usage
Enhanced antimicrobial activity
Nanocondensadores | Nanomate
New perspectives for energy storage

The innovative application of our nanomaterials enables the development of more efficient and sustainable batteries, supercapacitors, and hybrids.

Our nanomaterials offer increased energy storage capacity, deliver more powerful devices, and allow the development of environmentally friendly products.

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Smart materials | Nanomate
Smart materials: a whole level of improvement

Our technology allows to transform the properties of products, providing solutions to problems that cannot be solved with conventional materials.

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