Characterization and R&D

Characterization services

Our material characterization services can be tailored to meet any requirement. We conduct chemical, structural, and morphological analyses of materials to study their evolution and degradation, enabling us to understand their properties and perform quality control before and after their service life. With different levels available, we start from basic characterization, then scale to advanced and tailored characterization that includes more services, until we reach the complete analysis and collaborative development of R&D Together.

Optical characterization: portable microscope, SEM and FTIR.
Thermal characterization: DSC and TGA.
Structural characterization: BET, Elemental and RAMAN.
Dispersion stability study: TurbiScan MLS and Zetasizer DLS.
Electrical characterization: 4-wire resistivity meter and powder conductivity meter.
Rheological characterization: rheometer and viscometer.
Mechanical characterization: testing machine with grips for bending, tension and compression tests.

R&D Together | Nanomate
Advanced Characterization

Our team of scientists and digital experts conduct comparative analyses and statistical studies of materials with specific characteristics at the request of our clients. 

After this descriptive analysis process, we offer innovative solutions based on the development of applications with nanomaterials to improve energy efficiency, enhance safety, or develop more sustainable devices. 


Soluciones a medida | Nanomate

At this level of characterization, we incorporate the analysis of results and process data into the service, using advanced analytical models to extract meaningful information from each experiment. 

Our data-centric approach enables the creation of predictive and statistical models that provide insights beyond the test results.

A dedicated team to ensure excellence

With a multidisciplinary team composed of scientists, engineers, and data analysis experts, Nanomate stands out for a deep understanding of characterized materials. Our extensive experience in nanotechnology, combined with an agile methodology help us extract detailed information and provide fast and accurate results. 

Our laboratories are equipped with advanced technology for data digitization, allowing us to maximize digital analytics. Thanks to this, we can offer a more comprehensive perspective, providing additional insights that drive informed decision-making.