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Discovering innovation: Our cutting-edge services


In a world driven by innovation and technology, Nanomate is proud to offer a wide range of services designed to drive progress and excellence in a variety of industries. 


From our expertise in carbon nanomaterials to our cutting-edge digital services and R&D Together projects, we are committed to creating innovative solutions that transform the business landscape. Read on to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you succeed. 


Carbon nanomaterials: The origin of innovation

As leaders in the research and production of carbon nanomaterials, we explore the frontiers of science and technology to develop revolutionary solutions that open up new possibilities in diverse industries. From nanotubes to graphene, our expertise in nanomaterials enables us to deliver tailored solutions that promote innovation and sustainability.


Digital services: Powering transformation

At Nanomate, digital services are designed to empower the digital transformation of companies. Starting with descriptive analytics and continuing with predictive and prescriptive solutions, we offer a variety of services that drive strategic decision making and optimize operational efficiency. Our three service tiers include: 

  • Descriptive Analytics: We transform data into actionable insights to support strategic decision-making.  
  • Predictive Analytics: We use machine learning algorithms and predictive model development to anticipate trends and optimize processes.  
  • Prescriptive Analytics: We implement automated solutions and simulations to improve operational efficiency and make informed decisions. 


Advanced material characterization: Evolution towards success

Our advanced materials characterization services provide a comprehensive and adaptable approach to every need. With different levels of comparison, we go from basic characterization to full collaborative analysis, providing solutions that drive excellence and innovation. 

  • Level 1: Basic characterization and reporting. 
  • Level 2: Advanced characterization and comparative analysis. 
  • Level 3: Customized characterization and analysis of results vs. process data. 
  • Level 4: R&D Together: complete analysis and development of innovative solutions. 


R&D Together: Collaborative innovation

Through our R&D Together program, we work closely with companies to develop customized solutions that drive growth and competitiveness. From technology consulting to R&D project development, our team is highly skilled and committed to the success of every project they work on. 


At Nanomate, excellence and innovation are fundamental pillars. This, combined with the passion we bring to our work, makes us the perfect partner to lead you to success. Join us on this exciting journey into the future of nanotechnology. Together we can achieve great things.