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Transforming the plastics industry with nanomaterials


As the world becomes more environmentally-conscious, companies are looking for innovative solutions to improve their products and processes. 


At Nanomate, we are proud to lead the revolution in the manufacture of large-scale carbon nanomaterials that have a major positive impact on the plastics industry. Our nanomaterials are transforming the plastics sector thanks to their ESG properties and versatility in different industrial applications.


Significant improvements in properties

One of the strengths of carbon nanomaterials is their ability to improve the mechanical properties of plastics by up to 30%. The result is end products that are stronger, more durable and able to withstand the demands of diverse industrial applications, from data centres to the motor industry or battery manufacturing.

But our innovations don't stop there. Our nanomaterials also bring significant improvements in electrical and thermal properties, making them ideal for applications requiring electrical conductivity or heat resistance. In addition, we have developed nanomaterials with bactericidal properties, which can be a determining factor in industries where hygiene is key and the reduction of microorganisms is a requirement.


Sustainability and circular economy

An essential aspect of our nanomaterials is their ability to maintain these property improvements even in recycled and low-cost plastics. This opens the door to a more circular economy, where materials can be reused and recycled without compromising their performance. By reducing the need to use large quantities of raw materials and resources, we are contributing directly to sustainability and the goal of reducing our environmental footprint.


A world of possibilities in a variety of industries

Our carbon nanomaterials have potential applications in a wide variety of industries. Here are some key areas we are focusing on at the moment:

  • Heat-resistant plastics: Our nanomaterials are ideal for applications in data centres and the automotive sector, where heat resistance is a key factor.
  • 3D printing: We offer plastic filaments with different properties, enabling the 3D printing industry to create more advanced and customised products.
  • Electrically conductive plastics: In a world where we live surrounded by technology on a daily basis, our nanomaterials give plastics properties such as electrical conductivity, which is essential in the manufacture of electronic components and devices of this kind.
  • Reinforced plastics: Our nanomaterials can replace more technical materials in high-demand applications, thus reducing the amount of material needed and consequently minimizing costs while promoting sustainability.

At Nanomate, we are strongly committed to sustainable innovation and that is why we are determined to develop new solutions that improve the properties of plastics through advanced carbon nanomaterials.

We are proud to be part of the shift towards a more environmentally responsible plastics industry and to contribute to the development of innovative solutions for many different industries. Together, we can build a more sustainable and efficient future.