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Silixguard and Silvergraph: Nanomate’s latest bactericidal innovation


At Nanomate, we have reached new frontiers with two extraordinary products: Silvergraph and Silixguard. These materials not only offer unparalleled antibacterial protection, but also feature a wide range of amazing properties that will transform the fight against bacteria in every industry.



Silvergraph: The power of reduced graphene and silver

Silvergraph & Silixguard | NanomateThe combination of rGO and Ag is the perfect formula: the versatility and unique properties of reduced graphene (rGO) are complemented by silver nanoparticles (Ag), its catalytic power and its high efficacy against pathogenic microorganisms. 

Thanks to this fusion, we obtain a powerful nanomaterial with different market applications and unique characteristics:

  • Antibacterial properties
  • High mechanical strength
  • Great thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Catalytic power for various syntheses
  • Improved thermal properties

Our nanoproduct, Silvergraph, is a brilliant solution for industries such as advanced electronics, clean energy, green catalysis, medicine, and food, among others.


Silixguard: The most versatile protection

Silvergraph & Silixguard | NanomateA true bactericidal nanomaterial, which does not dye the matrix black, but reinforces its internal structure without negatively affecting its properties, adding new ones instead.

Some key features of Silixguard are:

  • Antibacterial properties
  • High absorption power
  • Catalytic properties

This technological solution stands out for its ease of application in multiple sectors, including the food industry, sustainable construction, high-temperature electronics, and more.


The lightest bactericide on the market

Silverphene and Silvercone meet the most demanding industrial needs in terms of biocidal and bactericidal activity, providing solutions to the main challenges currently faced by companies, public organizations and society as a whole.

Our nanomaterials have arrived to revolutionize antibacterial protection in multiple industries, from textiles and construction to medicine and agriculture. With the introduction of Silixguard and Silvergraph, we are preparing for a cleaner, safer, and healthier future, leading the way in the field of bactericides.

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