Offsite Nanomate

Empowering success and teamwork at Nanomate’s Offsite


Two days surrounded by nature, in a beautiful rural farm, working as a team and sharing highly productive, fun and memorable moments. This was our company offsite at Nanomate, an event that helped us to connect, learn and grow together in a relaxed atmosphere full of positive energy.


The event not only allowed us to enjoy thrilling activities and interesting workshops, but it also challenged us to push ourselves beyond our limits and discover new skills we didn't even know we had. From team-building challenges to an outdoor gymkhana, every moment was an opportunity to strengthen our bond and build closer relationships.


The path to follow

We dedicated part of our time to work on strategic and vital topics for the company, starting the day with a follow-up presentation of our most important projects and a review of the milestones achieved so far. We also shared the milestones we still aim to achieve, worked on the roadmap for the upcoming months, and debated on the company's mission, vision, and values.

Throughout the two days, we engaged in different group dynamics to define our brand positioning, identify our risks and strengths, and promote knowledge sharing and group cohesion among teams. Through these collaborative workshops, we established clear short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals and formulated the strategies to achieve them.

This teamwork space fostered the exchange of ideas, alignment of perspectives, and consolidation of a shared vision, thus reinforcing cohesion and commitment towards the organization's success.


One Team

Beyond the activities we undertook, what truly made this offsite special was the good vibes we experienced while working together during these days. We engaged in interesting conversations, shared laughter, stories, and diverse viewpoints, allowing us to know and understand each other better on both an individual and group level.

In addition, we were inspired by talks from some of our collaborators, who provided us with new perspectives and tools to face challenges both professionally and personally. We made the most of our resources and maximized our motivation to define key action plans to achieve our goals.

We are incredibly grateful to be part of this great family, and we especially want to thank our Nanomate colleagues who organized this event. They took care of every detail and consistently fostered a fun and motivating work environment.

After this offsite, we are filled with energy and motivation, our focus is set on applying everything we've learned to the challenges and goals we have as a company. We are aware that each one of us, the people who form Nanomate, is the driving force behind our activities, and we are ready to go all-in to give our best as a team.

This offsite was only the beginning of a remarkable journey filled with challenges and accomplishments that we will pursue as a company. Let's keep building the future of Nanomate together!