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The University of Extemadura and Phi4tech present the Master’s Degree in Battery Design and Manufacturing


The Phi4tech Master in Battery Design and Manufacture is a pioneering training program promoted by the Phi4tech Group and developed by the University of Extremadura, with the aim of providing rigorous training at the highest level in the fields of device design and manufacture of electrochemical energy storage devices.

The training program comprises 600 hours (60 credits) of teaching, theory and practice, from October 4, 2021 to June 30, 2022. It is an eminently in-person program that will be taught at the School of Industrial Engineering of the UEx facilities in Badajoz. The external internship period will take place at the Mindcaps (Phi4tech) facilities in Noblejas, in Toledo.

In this first edition of the Master, a maximum of 15 places are offered, of which 80% (12) are reserved for UEx graduates. The entry profile of the Master corresponds to graduates in the field of industrial engineering, in all its specialties (electrical, electronic and automatic, mechanical, and industrial chemistry), as well as materials engineering and engineering in industrial technologies. Degrees prior to the EHEA, directly related to these, will also be considered.

More than 30 professors participate in the Phi4tech Master’s training program, from both university professors and external professionals from the business and industrial fields. The UEx provides teachers of 4 centers, 7 departments and 10 different areas of knowledge, as a sign of the multidisciplinary nature of the Master’s contents.

The general objective of the Master is to offer the necessary bases for the design, optimization, manufacture, use, monitoring and maintenance of batteries, in accordance with an important program of practical content, allowing the career development of students and improving their employability in any field of industrial manufacturing of electrochemical energy storage devices.

The training program is structured in 11 modules: 6 of a general nature, 3 ABP laboratories, one practical module and the module corresponding to the master’s final project:

- Module 1: Chemistry and nanomaterials

- Module 2: Energy storage

- Module 3: Process automation

- Module 4: Design of electronic circuits for the characterization, protection and management of batteries

- Module 5: Battery manufacturing

- Module 6: Project and operations management

- Module 7: Design laboratory

- Module 8: Manufacturing laboratory

- Module 9: Test and measurement laboratory

- Module 10: External practices

- Module 11: Master’s final project

From June 15 to September 10, the pre-registration period opens. All the received applications will be evaluated according to the admission criteria of the Master, inviting the selected persons to complete the enrollment process.