Pacto Noblejas | Nanomate

Nanomate adheres to the Noblejas Pact for Inclusion


After participating in the workshops convened during the last months, and responding to our real vocation for the integration of people in vulnerable situations, last Wednesday, March 22 we joined the Pact for the Inclusion of Noblejas.


This initiative of the City Council is aimed at promoting participation and access to the framework of rights for all people who, for different reasons, may find themselves in a situation of vulnerability.

The Pact for Inclusion in Noblejas has been signed by fifteen entities and companies. In addition to us, other companies such as Florette or Schreiber have joined, as well as schools, parents' associations, and other municipal associations. This pact is the starting point for continuing to work on the implementation of actions and initiatives that promote inclusion in Noblejas.

We want to express our sincere thanks to the organizers and call to action for local businesses as well as other entities and organizations, to join the pact with the aim of achieving real inclusion of all people who, in one way or another, participate in everything our environment offers.

You can watch the complete recording of the event here.