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Nanomate obtains the “Innovative SME” seal of approval


Nanomate has been awarded the "Innovative SME" seal by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain.


An innovative SME is a company that, in recent years, has engaged in activities related to Research and Development or Technological Innovation (R&D&I).

The creation of the innovative SME seal and a registry of these companies at the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness seeks to highlight their value, favor their identification and help in the subsequent formulation of specific policies for them.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies in Spain and Europe to commit to innovation and promote R&D as a differentiating and growth element. Our nanomaterials are the best example of the innovative character that defines us as a company.

At Nanomate, we always advocate for an innovative approach to addressing problems and technological challenges, allowing us to find unique solutions that meet not only the present but also future needs, applicable to a wide range of industries.

In Spain there is a select group of 3,000 companies with an active 'Innovative SME' seal at the moment, in contrast to the nearly 1,300,000 companies registered. Therefore, at Nanomate, we encourage other innovative startups to apply for the seal if they meet the requirements, as the importance of promoting innovation and R&D&I in Spain and Europe is increasingly recognized.

The fact that we have been awarded this recognition highlights our commitment to innovation as part of our DNA and our company values, along with the empathy, safety, integrity and passion we put into our work every day.

This achievement is the result of the hard work of our team, who strive every day to continue innovating and giving the best of themselves in the exciting world of nanotechnology.