Supercondensadores Badajoz | Nanomate

Commencement of construction work on our supercapacitor factory in Badajoz


The supercapacitor factory in Badajoz will be one of our flagship projects and be Spain's first modular supercapacitor factory with an initial production capacity of 600,000 units per year.


On 10 May, clearance work began on our site located at the Plataforma Logística del Suroeste Europeo (Logistics Platform of Southwest Europe) in Badajoz where our supercapacitor cell manufacturing plant and the nanomaterials research centre for energy storage is to be build.

Once this phase has been completed, the earthworks and foundations for the construction of both buildings will be carried out. Total investment in these two premises is expected to reach €100 million when all expansion phases are fully developed.

This plant in Badajoz, which will serve the needs of our data centre and renewable energy customers, will produce 600,000 units of energy storage supercapacitors per year and will be operational in early 2025. These supercapacitors will improve the efficiency of renewable energy by up to 15% due to their fast charge and discharge capability.

The research and development centre for nanomaterials for energy storage will be completed by the end of 2024. In the same year, the centre will welcome its first 60 researchers, a number that will double to 120 by 2025, creating around 200 direct jobs in the future.

The supercapacitor factory is part of the Proyecto Integral de Almacenamiento Energético de Extremadura (Extremadura Integrated Energy Storage Project), which, together with Lithium Iberia, aims to contribute to the country's energy transition and become the spearhead of Extremadura's booming economy.

In addition, the construction of this new factory will strengthen our close collaboration with the University of Extremadura and enable us to enter into new agreements for the postgraduate training of professionals in various technological fields.

You can watch the video of the news here.