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Nanomate and SYM NAVAL collaborate to develop an electric marine propulsion solution


At Nanomate, we have joined forces with SYM NAVAL to create an electric naval propulsion solution, combining supercapacitors and hydrogen fuel cells, suitable for both military and civilian ships.



We are thrilled to announce that we have forged an alliance with SYM NAVAL, a company pioneer in the design and construction of auxiliary port vessels, and renowned for building Europe's first 100% electric emission-free ship, currently in operation at the Port of Castellón.

Driven by the recent start of construction of our supercapacitor factory in Badajoz, and combining our extensive expertise in nanomaterials with SYM NAVAL's industry knowledge, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to energy transformation. This commitment aligns perfectly with other initiatives we participate in, such as being part of the Fast Forward group, a leading coalition in electric vehicle energy transformation.

Having identified the growing demand for more environmentally-friendly port vessels, at Nanomate and SYM NAVAL, we have embarked on a quest for greater energy efficiency while considering environmental aspects. On these fundamental pillars, we are launching a hybrid electric power plant, incorporating supercapacitors and batteries for naval propulsion, intended for both military and civilian ships.

After an initial phase of design and validation, we have fine-tuned the hybrid electric plant for naval use, leveraging the remarkable capacity of our supercapacitors to deliver large amounts of energy in very short periods. These supercapacitors will be exclusively supplied to SYM NAVAL for the initial trials of electric naval propulsion.

At Nanomate, we remain committed to innovation and the development of sustainable solutions for every industry. On this occasion, we are excited to contribute to the advancement of electric marine propulsion and continue collaborating with SYM NAVAL on future projects that drive energy efficiency and environmental protection.